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INSINK 4-1 as a "Kitchen Time Saver."

How INSINK 4-1 works! 

Common problems are most easily addressed with simple solutions. "INSINK" is a play on words such as 'In sync' or 'synchronization' meaning working harmoniously. This is precisely what the product provides: With INSINK 4-1, cooks will be working in harmony with their equipment, preparing food, washing dishes, disposing of waste and storing of knives, utensils, sponges, brushes and other implements with ease. Learn More

  • Soapy water always available
  • Improve safety 
  • Never fill your sink
  • Wash as you work

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​​What is INSINK 4-1? 

Consider INSINK 4-1 as the extra hand in the kitchen that makes food prep, waste disposal and dishwashing safer and more hygienic while freeing up valuable space on the kitchen worktop and sink. Consisting of three pieces Katcher, Kaddy & Kup, INSINK simplifies kitchen workflow.  Learn More

  • Make better use of your cutting board
  • Contain your scraps

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​Food prep and clean-up made easy ... because
not everyone likes to spend time in the kitchen! 

  • Pre-wash dishes